Ronald Jean

Guitarist-Composer-Songwriter; Music for All Occasions

Native Arizonan Guitarist

The Music

Contact: or call 480-833-7346 or 480-234-9143 (cell)

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First Flight

Blue Serenity

Ronald Jean, First Flight

FIRST FLIGHT  First Flight MP3 Sample
WIND AND RAIN  Wind And Rain MP3 Sample
ANOTHER TIME  Another Time MP3 Sample
NEVER LET ME GO  Never Let Me Go MP3 Sample
BLUE - Z  Blue-Z MP3 Sample
THE SEARCH  The Search MP3 Sample
YOU CAN'T REPLACE A LOVE  You Can't Replace A Love MP3 Sample
PICTURES AND DAYDREAMS  Pictures And Daydreams MP3 Sample
YOU DON'T HAVE TO CRY  You Don't Have To Cry MP3 Sample
MAYBE FOREVER  Maybe Forever MP3 Sample
MIRACLES CAN HAPPEN  Miracles Can Happen MP3 Sample
FAREWELL TO THE LEAVES  Farewell To The Leaves MP3 Sample

Ronald Jean, Blue Serenity

PASSIONS OF BRAZILIA  Passions Of Brazilia MP3 Sample
LA SERENIDAD AZUL (BLUE SERENITY)  La Serenidad Azul (Blue Serenity) MP3 Sample
NO PROBLEMO'  No Problemo' MP3 Sample
LA LLUVIA VINO (THE RAIN CAME)  La Lluvia Vino (The Rain Came) MP3 Sample
ZIMBABWE (THE CALLING)  Zimbabwe (The Calling) MP3 Sample
RIO DAY  Rio Day MP3 Sample
BRIGHTER DAYS  Brighter Days MP3 Sample
PIZZA LATINO  Pizza Latino MP3 Sample
SUN DREAM  Sun Dream MP3 Sample


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For Booking Availability Worldwide, Please Contact:

Ronald Jean 
15606 E. Richwood Ave
Fountain Hills AZ 85268
Cell: 480-234-9143



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